Port Edward Boat Builders


Unit 9 & 10 Lot, 251 Izingolweni Rd, Port Edward, 4295


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08:30 - 16:30

Bespoke Boats

Port Edward Boat Builders offer the following:
Water Taxi’s and Work Boats

Figure 11: 4.5m 8 Person Water Taxi.

This stable, durable Cathedral Hull with 5 Degree Rise of floor and high Prow is designed to keep
your clients dry, offering a stable ride, split level deck to improve the sense of secure passage. Ideal
for Rocky Rivers, Dams and Estuaries.
Hand rails support the clients as they board and move around in the boat.

Figure 12: 4.5m 8 Person Water Taxi

This Water Taxi seats the passengers as low in the boat as is comfortable to drop the centre of
gravity in order to maximise GM, the distance between the Centre of Gravity and the Metacentric
Height. This provides the stiffest righting moment.

5m Bass Boat

The AlTx 500 has been developed for the Bass Fishing Market.

Figure 13 AlTx 500

3.7m Bass Boat

Figure 14 AlTx 370

Figure 15: Bespoke Sports and Leisure Craft for 12 Persons

Propulsion systems

The conventional outboard motor of either 2 or 4 stroke types can be used on all our boats, however
any specified propulsion system can be considered. Electrical Propulsion offers quiet operations
suitable for Game Viewing and Bird Watching.