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Extras Available On All Our Boats

The following Extras are available:

Navigation Lights

Navigation Lights consisting of: a white stern light, a red port light and a green starboard light.
Not all waterways require navigation lights to be fitted to your boat, however in the interests of your
safety and the safety of other waterways users, night time operations require the use of Navigation

 Your boat can be outfitted with Navigation lights and work lights.
1 or 2 deep cycle, 12-volt batteries is / are fitted under the After seat for, trolling motors, fish
finders, navigation lights, and concealed work lights, fitted under the side shell rails at seat height.
The Battery Charger can be mounted in the boat and hitched to a power source when dry.

Aluminium boat hulls have the advantage of providing a -Ve circuit in a 12V DC electrical supply. This
makes electrical outfitting less complex and more reliable.
The cost of electrical outfitting is dependent on the demand for lighting and power. 2 Batteries are
best for trolling motors and lighting combinations.

Rod Holders

Any number of Aluminium Rod Holders can be provided to meet your needs.

Folding Transom Ladder

Folding Transom Ladder
Folding Aluminium Transom Ladder for climbing out of the water and back into the boat. When not
in use the one step ladder folds up onto the transom and secured with a dowel.

Figure 9 Transom Ladder


Forward Chain and Rope Locker. This is fitted under the forward shelf and comes with a lock, key
and trim.

Under seat live bait well.

Trim, Finish and Accessories

  • Ore Locks, Ores and Ore stowage
  • High Density Foam Seat Cushions of increased comfort.
  • Fish Finder
  • Drain Plug
  • Boat Cover and Cover Hooks
  • Sun Shade
  • Handrails

Outfitting Available for Cathedral Hull Boats

Outfitting bigger boats or Pimping your boat is a blank canvas for creative invention. In addition to
the Additional Extras offered on the Skiffs, we offer further options for bigger boats on request.

Quotations are available for, but not restricted to the following the following:

  • Sun Canopies
  • Rod Lockers
  • Tackle Lockers
  • Battery Lockers

Trolling Motor Mounts

  • Live Bait Wells with filling, circulating and overflow pumping and piping.
  • Can also provide split wells for different sizes of live bait.
  • Bilge Pumping and
  • Pipework.
  • Trailers

Uses for Skiffs

Boat hire businesses are afforded the opportunity to operate a number of boats as a rental

SAMSA regulations require Licencing of Boats only. Licences can be obtained directly
from SAMSA. Commercial Boat Rental businesses require permission to operate by the local river
authority of Private owners.

Figure 10: Open Your Own Boat Rental Business